Your financial support will help us deliver educational information to parents, communities, pediatricians, and family doctors, provide programming specifically for trans* youth that empower, inform and build confidence and training for Ally Moms so more individuals in every community can connect with a loving ally and supporter.




Some of the initiatives on the horizon include:

Mentor Program – transgender youth will be paired with a transgender individual who has already transitioned and is living successfully as their desired gender. The adult mentor will be screened based on pre-determined criteria and will be required to participate in an orientation. This will give trans* teens the opportunity to see that there is a "light at the end of the tunnel — the right relationship will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Empowerment Workshop – this one day experience will provide transgender youth an opportunity to participate is empowering, confidence building exercises. They will be able to connect with other trans* youth, learn how to care for their new emerging selves, get their picture taken by a professional photographer and walk away with new found self-esteem and validation.

Ally Moms Training – we are implementing an application/screening/background check process and adding Ally Dads. This process will protect the moms and the kids who are engaged in chats/calls. Training modules will be provided and required for each Ally Mom/Dad so that we can better serve the vulnerable transgender youth in our communities.

Support Groups – the goal is to expand access to parent and youth support groups to multiple geographic regions. The groups will be publicized, open and free of charge. Facilitators will be trained to run the group and have a working knowledge of the various issues facing families in the midst of transition.

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paintyourhousetransproud2_sm   Our goal is to help transgender and gender variant youth find their voice so they can transition successfully and
   live authentically without mental health struggles due to any stigma from family, friends or community that might
   be associated with coming out as transgender.

   When you Stand with Trans, you let loved ones know that you will never turn your back on them, regardless of
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