Workshop Schedule

Parent Workshop Sessions

Your child is trans, now what?
Presented by Sara Wiener, LMSW, U of M, Mott Children’s Hospital, Comprehensive Gender Services

Lots of opportunities to ask questions about what to do, steps to take and how to navigate the journey once a child comes out

Your faith and your trans child – is it either or?
Presented by Char Davenport, Special Lecturer, Writing & Rhetoric, Oakland University, LGBTQ+ advocate, proud transgender woman, consultant to the National LGBTQ Task Force

When so many are turned away for being trans, how does a family with strong ties to their faith community stay connected (or do they) if their child is not accepted?

You’re human and this is hard: coming to terms parenting a transgender child
Co-Presented by Lisa Goyette, B.A. Social Work, partner in Celebrate Hope, community advocate, board member, Stand with Trans, parent of a trans son
Co-Presented by John Ball, partner in Celebrate Hope, advocate and ally to the LGBTQ community and compassionate, empowering community leader

Understanding how to balance your emotions, feelings of grief and anxiety when the road you’re traveling suddenly takes an unexpected turn

Sexual health and trans youth– laying the groundwork for difficult conversations
Presented by Lacey Slay, MOASH and BAMM GSA Program Coordinator, advocate for vulnerable youth populations and educator surrounding sexual health care and education

Teaching parents how to start this conversation and keep the door open for healthy communication as youth being to explore their own sexuality.

Social and medical transition for MtF, FtM, non-binary, gender non-conforming, etc
Presented by Antonia Caretto, Ph.D., fully licensed Clinical Psychologist, private practice specializing in sexuality and gender identity development among adolescents

What does this look like? What can parents expect when their child comes out and wants to start on hormones immediately?

How to talk to your pediatrician or family doctor and how to advocate with the schools
Co-Presented by Roz Keith, Founder and Board President, Stand with Trans, community advocate for transgender youth and families, parent of a transgender (FtM) teen son

Co-Presented by Kim Phillips-Knope, MSW, Safe and Supportive Schools Consultant in the School Health and Safety Unity at the Michigan Department of Education.

Speaking to your family doctor or pediatrician is critical to your child’s success. Schools also need to be an ally. How to navigate these pieces will be discussed.

My journey – Transcending Gender
Presented by Rhys Harper, Emmy nominated photographer and story teller, trans man and creator of the Transcending Gender Project.

Rhys shares his journey as a trans man, how his family and friends handled the news and how he empowered others by photographing trans people across the country.

Youth Workshop Sessions

Art Therapy
Presented by Kelly Darke, Certified Art Therapist with a private practice, artist, high school art teacher and parent of a trans son

Use art to connect, de-stress and learn more about your inner you

Struggling with self-harm, substance abuse and other destructive behaviors
Presented by Nick Zielke, LLSW and Gender Specialist working with adolescents, adults and families who are navigating challenges presented by varying gender and sexual identities

Participate in open discussion about triggers, how to avoid them and what to do with the feelings

Healing through music
Presented by Rhys Harper, Emmy nominated photographer and story teller, trans man and creator of the Transcending Gender Project

Use the power of music to connect to feelings, using it to destress and relax, calm yourself

De-escalate uncomfortable or threatening situations
Presented by Ian Unger, Youth Programming Coordinator at Affirmations in Ferndale, a trans man, advocate for at-risk LGBTQ youth

Share experiences that might have been difficult and how they were handled, learn new ways to defuse the situation

Support and Conversation
Facilitated by Nick Zielke, LLSW and Gender Specialist working with adolescents, adults and families who are navigating challenges presented by varying gender and sexual identities

General discussion

Meditation and Mindfulness
Presented by Niki Lyn Disner, M.A. is the founder of Authentic Expressions. She is a psychologist, astrologer and meditation facilitator in the Metro Detroit area

Learn calming techniques that will aid in a better night’s sleep, general relaxation

Sex ed & sexual health for trans teens (16+)
Co-Presented by Stephanie Lange, LMSW, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Clinical Supervisor for the State of Michigan, District Reproductive Health Supervisor for Chippewa Valley Schools

Co-Presented by Patrick Horton, MA in Counseling Psychology, Sexuality Education and Clinical Counseling training, Advanced Sexuality, SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) training, educates the faith communities and is Co-Chair of the Inclusive Justice board

Learn how cross hormone therapy can impact sexual health, disease prevention basics and resources for HIV  and healthy sexual behaviors.

Presented by Artemis McGettigan, active in the Detroit Improv and Theatre community, visual artist who works in watercolor and ink, identifies as a trans man who loves to cook, fawn over his cat and experiment with photography as a creative medium

Using improv, comedy, drama to work through feelings and connect with others

Where’s the T in GSA?
Co-Presented by Joshua Lee, Chairperson, GLSEN Southeast Michigan, whose passion is to develop educators so they have the tools they need to empower their students.

Co-Presented by Becca Reichenbach, Co- Professional Development Coordinator, GLSEN Southeast Michigan

Does your school have a GSA? What do the letters stand for? How to create an inclusive GSA in your school?

Activity Schedule for Children Ages 6-11

Introductions – Name Games and Ice Breakers

Story – Red as introduction to Breakout Game

Breakout Game – Modeled off of Escape Room, kids use clues to unlock padlocks and discover           the treasure within a lock box

Lunch ending with board games

Art – Kids create a Self Portrait

Cooperative Games – Kids participate in games that require problem solving, leadership                       and cooperation

Playground Games

Closing (share art work, best part of the day, etc.)