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Krisann Blackwell, Owner

Gift box that includes 1x goat milk soap, 1x loofah soap, 1x sugar scrub, 1x body butter, 1x lip balm, 1x solid beeswax perfume, 1x soy wax melts, 1x soy candle, 1x goat milk lotion.

Hey! I’m Krisann and I’m here to help you be kind to your skin by providing you with high quality, detergent and junk free soap that I make from scratch here on our farm. I am not only passionate about the soap making process, but also about what goes into it; My ingredient lists are short and sweet, and every item that earned a spot in the lineup was hand selected by me for a reason.

Not only do I want my soap to make you feel fantastic on the outside, but I want it to make you feel just as good on the inside by only using ingredients from ethical sources that are kind to the earth and never, ever tested on animals.

Retail value: $75




Krisann Blackwell

My passion for soap making started as a hobby in 1998 when I stumbled through making my first batch with a book I checked out from the library. I wanted real soap that wouldn’t irritate, dry out, or damage my sensitive skin, and I was tired of the constant search for finding it. I dabbled with this craft through the years in my spare time until one October evening in 2011 when I turned in my real-world work badge and, with the help and encouragement of my husband, decided to make soap full time.

Several years later, I’m fully submersed in the soap making world, the chemistry behind it, and my love for encouraging people to find their passion. If those people also find my soap in their shower, even better.


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