Pyramid Spread – Tarot & Oracle Reading

Natacha Guyot

I have been studying Tarot, astrology, and numerology for almost two decades, and have added Oracle cards to my reading practices since 2019.
You will receive a PDF file within 3-5 business days. In this document, you will find a picture of the spread, a general overview of your personalized reading, as well as a detailed description pertaining to individual cards and their connections. The PDF is forever yours, so you can return to it as you see fit.

I believe cards provide you with a better understanding of a situation, new things to consider, avenues to explore. In the end, you are in charge of your own life; and as such I do not do readings for “yes/no” questions, nor do I read for a third-party. The reading is about the guidance you need in your own life.

This Pyramid Tarot and Oracle looks at the different layers and energies at play in a given situation. This reading can be about any of the following: a general one, a thematic one (relationships, career, spirituality, personal growth…), an open-ended question. If you do not include a specific theme or question, your reading will be a general one.

These readings are for entertainment purpose only; they are not a substitute for professional medical or legal advice. As such I hold no responsibility of any of your decision-making after the readings. I also reserve the right to not read regarding serious health matters, death, illegal activities, or ill intentions. I do not read for anyone under the age of 21.

Retail Value: $75.00




Natacha is an experienced tarot reader, and includes astrology and numerology in her lifelong studies.

Natacha Guyot is a French feminist scholar with international graduate education, conference and publication records.
A doctoral candidate at the University of Texas at Dallas, she specializes in media studies, storytelling, and philosophy. 

A lifelong amateur of Science Fiction and Fantasy, she is an independent author currently working on projects set in various fictional universes. 

She is currently planning her YouTube channel launch, which will be about tarot, her academic and author journeys. She is also working on a business project, which will include academic coaching services, educational resources for undergraduate and graduate students.



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