Spherical Perceptions in Turquoise


Limited Edition Print

 About His Art
In 1990 Richard Phillips began to paint. He painted to stave off the loneliness. He painted to break up the monotony. He painted to fill the long days. He painted to keep his heart soft and hope alive. He had no intention of pleading to a lesser crime for less time. His convictions were strong and he never wavered; he was an innocent man. In fact, Richard told his attorney, “I’d rather die in prison, than admit to a murder I did NOT do.”

The watercolors Richard created were symbols of hope and survival. Some of the paintings were dark and haunting while others were vibrant and full of light and life. He began painting custom greeting cards for fellow inmates to purchase. The proceeds from that small enterprise afforded him a little bit of cash to purchase art supplies. Over the course of nearly 30 years, Richard created a moving, thought-provoking, diverse body of art that he is getting ready to share with the public.

Statement of Authenticity. This is to Certify that you will be acquiring a limited edition print by Richard Phillips.  This art is copyrighted and all reproduction rights are owned by the Artist.
All prints are Giclée limited edition of 75 prints: 12.5″ W x 20″ H 

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Richard Phillipsspent more years behind bars than any other wrongfully imprisoned person in America.”In 1972 he was convicted of first degree murder & conspiracy to commit first degree murder, a crime he did not commit which carried a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole…EVER.

 After serving 38 years, a man named Richard Polombo, also accused, admitted that he lied. He NEVER knew Phillips, NEVER met him, NEVER planned a murder with him. This was in 2010. However, Richard Phillips didn’t hear about this until The University of Michigan Innocence Clinic, headed by Dave Moran, got wind of the admission by Pol0mbo in 2014…four years after the admission.

Visit: https://www.richardphillipsartgallery.com


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