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Survivor/Runaway/Substance Use Resources


(*) 800-484-3731
Never Use Alone

NUA is a service that is focused on harm reduction and safety for people who are using a substance. When you call, you give them your preferred name, exact location, county, and the name of the substance you plan to use. They’ll stay on the line with you for the first several minutes after ingestion, and they’ll continue to stay on the line if you need them to. If you stop responding while you’re on the call/experience an overdose, they’ll send EMS for an “unresponsive person” instead of an overdose, to reduce the likelihood of police involvement. They’re not associated with any law enforcement agencies, and they’re committed to reducing, not inducing harm. 

(*) 1-800-786-2929
National Runaway Hotline

The National Runaway Hotline offers a hotline, as well as e-mail, online forum, and chat services to help runaways make safety plans and connect with resources. They have a policy of no non-consensual intervention, but they are mandated reporters if you or a minor is being abused (they will inform you in advance if you’re saying something they’ll have to report). 

(*) 800-656-4673

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network) provides resources for all ages and genders of survivors of rape, abuse, incest, neglect, or sexual violence of any form. They offer a phone hotline as well as an online chat service through the website, and they can connect with you in English and in Spanish. They have a no non-consensual intervention policy, but they are also mandated reporters if the safety or welfare of a minor is endangered. Additionally, they now offer an app that can help you connect to their services or the peer-to-peer HelpRoom, provide tools for mood tracking and self care, and have information about sexual violence and healing for survivors and their loved ones

(*) Text START to 88788

800-799-7233/The National Domestic Violence Hotline

855-812-1001/  (Deaf/HOH Video Phone Line/Email)

1-844-762-8483 (call or text)/Strong Hearts Helpline

The National DV Hotline offers a phone hotline, text services, and chat services, as well as an interpreter service that serves over 140 languages when calling for help. They can help you make a safety plan for you (and your pets and children), as well as connecting you with the appropriate resources. They also offer a unique service that can provide guidance for people who are fearful that they have become abusive and don’t know what to do. They are mandated reporters if the welfare of a minor is in danger, but otherwise lean towards no non-consensual intervention. The National DV Hotline also manages the National Deaf DV Hotline for Deaf and HOH individuals. They are also associated with Strong Hearts Helpline, which provides resources and a phone hotline, text services, and chat services specifically for native and indigenous communities in the US and Alaska.

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