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Stand with Trans empowers and supports transgender youth and their loved ones.


Stand with Trans was founded in February, 2015. As a federally approved, not for profit, all donations are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.


Rally for Equal Rights Speech

S'niyah Tate's Speech at the Rally for Equal Rights 2022 Hello everyone, I’m S’Niyah and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a black trans woman from Detroit, and as a trans woman who is very involved in both politics as well as the trans and larger LGBT+ community, me and...

Trans Day of Visibility Panel

Posted by Cameron Parkins   Roz recently participated in a panel that was hosted by Zoom. Check out the conversation! (Passcode: GC*y915^) Listen in.Mailing Address 23332 Farmington Rd #84 Farmington, MI 48336Call 248.907.4853Email...

Stormé DeLarverie (1920-2014)

Posted by Cameron Parkins   Stormé DeLarverie (1920-2014) DeLarverie was born in Louisiana to a black mother who was a servant to a white homeowner, her father. DeLarverie spent 1955 to 1969 as the MC of the Jewel Box Revue, a touring variety show featuring both...

Gladys Bentley (1907-1960)

Posted by Cameron Parkins   Gladys Bentley (1907-1960) Bentley was a gender-bending performer during the Harlem Renaissance whose stage name was Bobbie Minton.While growing up, Bentley preferred wearing their brother’s suits rather than dresses and blouses....

Roz Keith on Michelle Brown Podcast

Posted by Roz Keith    Roz Keith on Michelle Brown Podcast Check out Executive Director Roz Keith’s recent talk on Collections with Michelle Brown as she talks about the founding of Stand with Trans and the organization’s mission to be a resource for trans...

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