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Stand with Trans embraces people of all races, ethnicities, gender expressions, identities, ages, sexual orientations, religions, spiritualities, disabilities, and backgrounds without discrimination. We create an environment where all identities and their intersections belong and are uplifted. We acknowledge the troubling history of disproportionate discrimination and violence faced by transgender people of color; especially trans women of color who are the members of our community most likely to face fatal violence.

We are committed to dismantling the barriers faced by our community based on racism, sexism, queer-antagonism, and other discriminatory factors. These barriers include recent legislation like denying trans people from using the bathroom of their gender, barring trans people from participating in sports of their gender, and banning schools from teaching about LGBTQ acceptance.

We consciously work to oppose all forms of discrimination and foster a community where all peoples have equitable access to resources and opportunities of inclusion in a safe place. 

Stand with Trans is currently hiring. We invite you to send us a cover letter and a resume for the job(s) listed below.

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No Employment openings available.  For volunteer opportunities, click here.

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