What is the mission of Stand With Trans?

SwT Mission Statement

Stand with Trans empowers and supports transgender youth and their loved ones.

SwT Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where gender diverse youth are validated and celebrated

SwT DEI Statement

Stand with Trans embraces people of all races, ethnicities, gender expressions, identities, ages, sexual orientations, religions, spiritualties, disabilities, and backgrounds without discrimination. We create an environment where all identities and their intersections belong and are uplifted. We acknowledge the troubling history of disproportionate discrimination and violence faced by transgender people of color, especially trans women of color who are the members of our community most likely to face fatal violence.

 We are committed to dismantling the barriers faced by our community based on racism, sexism, queer-antagonism, and other discriminatory factors. These barriers include recent legislation like denying trans people from using the bathroom of their gender, barring trans people from participating in sports of their gender, and banning schools from teaching about LGBTQ acceptance.

 We consciously work to oppose all forms of discrimination and foster a community where all peoples have equitable access to resources and opportunities of inclusion in a safe place. 

Your Questions!

When was Stand With Trans started? Why?

Stand With Trans began in February 2015. Roz Keith, our founder, was in search of resources for her own child at the time who had recently came out as transgender. There was an identified need with a lack of resources, resulting in the creation of Stand With Trans.

How can I get involved?

There are many different ways to get involved and support Stand With Trans. You can volunteer at events, sit on a committee, make a financial donation, and help us create awareness for the work that we do. To volunteer at events or join a committee, please sign up on our volunteer intake form.

What ages does Stand With Trans support?

Stand With Trans advocates for all transgender individuals, however, our organization primarily supports youth between the ages of 12 and 22 years old.

Is there support for parents?

Yes! In addition to youth support groups, parent support groups are offered on different week nights. Additionally, our annual empowerment workshop includes sessions specifically designed for parents.

What can I expect if I attend a support group?

Our support groups are ran by licensed therapists and professionals who have a passion to support trans youth and their families. Groups are generally held 1-2 times a month. Our support groups are a safe, warm, and welcoming space — currently, all groups meet via Zoom due to Covid-19. 

What is Ally Parents?

Ally Parents is a network of more than 250 parents across the U.S. and Canada who are parents of trans individuals. They’re available to trans youth and parents, to help provide resources and support. “Love at the other end of the phone.” Click here to find an Ally Parent near you.

How do I become an Ally Parent?

 All interested parents can apply by emailing Michelle Levy at michelle@standwithtrans.org

Can someone come speak to my group?

Check out our Training page and see if our serves there could meet your needs!

Bring Stand with Trans founder and Executive Director, Roz Gould Keith, into your organization or company to speak at your event. Hear her story, understand her passion and “why” for doing the critical, life-saving work for the trans community and get your questions answered. For available dates and fee information, please contact Roz directly at roz@standwithtrans.org.


What is your policy about photo usage?

Stand with Trans cares deeply about our participants’ privacy and safety. We never use images of individuals participating in our events without their express permission. If an individual later rescinds their permission, we will promptly stop using their image on any materials, electronic or hard copy, within our control.

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