Train with Us

Train with Us

Stand with Trans offers training to local businesses, corporations of any size, academic institutions, healthcare systems, and any entity that wants to learn more about what it means to be transgender, how to provide an affirming workspace, and why it’s all so important.

Check out our Basics & Beyond Sessions:

Trans 101 Part 1 & 2

Outline of definitions & terminologies, learn about correct pronoun usage, gender diversity & allyship

Creating Safe Spaces

How can your work environment be a welcoming, safe space for everyone?

Tolerance vs Acceptance

Build empathy, gain understanding of mental health outcomes for trans folks, learn how to create more accepting environments


Understand the barriers faced by trans folks in the workplace and learn solutions to overcome challenges.

Gender Expansive Identities

Take a deeper dive outside the binary to learn about identities that go beyond male and female genders.

Trans History

Transgender people have been around for centuries. Understand the history in America and across cultures.

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