Call Him Hunter

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Call Him Hunter

FTM Transgender

Hunter Jordan Keith, 15, has always known he was different. For the first 14 years of his life, he lived inside the female body he was born with, going by his given name, Olivia Lauren Keith. Looking back, he says he never felt comfortable as a female; often he felt trapped and betrayed by his own body.

“In fifth grade, I remember watching a TV show on female-to-male transition, and I thought, ‘Wait, that’s me,’” Hunter said. “I’d never been ‘one of the girls;’ I usually hung out with the boys.”

At 14, Hunter began doing extensive Internet research about gender and sexuality. He learned what it meant to be transgender and familiarized himself with various treatment options, such as testosterone and various surgical procedures. He identified with a YouTube video series created by a teen in the process of transitioning from a female to a male.
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