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Help wanted!

Stand with Trans is creating a teen-led digital newspaper. The goal of this publication is to provide a platform to showcase stories and
art by you! Published issues will
also give allies insight into the lives of transgender and non-binary
youth and topical issues that affect the community.

The project will provide leadership opportunities, the ability to hone your skills in writing, art, digital publishing and organization. The group will produce three editions over the course of the grant. The newspaper will be published on and shared on our social media channels.

We are looking for six teens (ages 13-19). You will be compensated for your time at a rate of $100 per issue – total $300/person. You must commit to being involved in all three issues.

The project starts before the end of April 2021.

Submit your application to join the staff today!

Mailing Address

23332 Farmington Rd #84
Farmington, MI 48336