Stand with Trans Expands Support Group Offerings

New support group for 18-24 year old trans feminine young adults



Cameron Parkins [he/him]
Communications Manager

Farmington, MI – Stand with Trans has launched a new support group specifically for trans feminine young adults (ages 18-24) in a hybrid format, to address a gap in support within our community.

“Support groups play an integral part in wellness and finding community, especially for marginalized identities who may not find safety and community elsewhere. There simply aren’t enough resources and spaces for Trans women, and the treatment they face many times in our general community is inexcusable and oftentimes traumatic,” said Danica Emry Weylyn, Stand with Trans Program Manager. “Building spaces such as these creates an opportunity for the betterment of peoples’ mental wellness and sense of belonging and can create life-saving and affirming bonds.”

Affirming gender identity reduces risk of self-harm, suicidality, and depression, according to research performed by The Trevor Project (2020). This is as much in gender affirming healthcare as well as having a supportive network, which Stand with Trans seeks to provide with the new support group.

“As a trans woman myself and a longtime advocate of our community, I recognize that these times of uncertainty and a wave of dangerous anti-LGBTQ+ legislation around the country require us not just to invest resources into fighting in Lansing and D.C., but to also double and triple down on the resources we are investing in trans and non-binary youth and young adults in our communities,” said Emme Zanotti, facilitator of the new Trans Femme group. “Support groups were a critical component of care and wellbeing for me early in my coming out and transition process. The opportunity to pass that opportunity on to a new generation of my community is a privilege I take very seriously. I hope I can have even a third of the impact on these young people as those leading my support groups had on me almost ten years ago. If we can do that, we have the potential to change lives. I thank Stand with Trans for this opportunity and the work they continue to do as an organization.”

The trans feminine group meets the first Wednesday of every month in Royal Oak, MI, as well as via Zoom. The group is free but advanced registration is required. Learn more at


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