Paid Research Survey for #SafeHotlines

Crisis hotlines are often touted as alternatives to calling police, when most national hotlines and text services do engage police in certain situations — without a caller’s knowledge or consent.

That’s why Trans Lifeline is collaborating with American University researchers on a study to inform our #SafeHotlines campaign to ensure safety, transparency, and agency on crisis hotlines. 

Our study aims to learn about the experiences of help-seekers in difficult mental health situations, including emergency responder interventions –  particularly those in marginalized populations because it is critical that we center those who are most impacted. 

This study is eligible to anyone 18+ who has sought support for a difficult mental health situation, significant distress, suicidality, or crisis in the last five years. We are seeking 100 responses from those who have called a crisis line and 100 responses from those who have not.

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