Black History Month: Kayden Coleman

History Makers in the Making 2023

Kayden ColemanKayden Coleman (He/Him) is a current day public figure, Black Transgender man, and papa seahorse to two beautiful daughters. He’s well known for raising awareness about Transmasculine men who experience pregnancy by sharing his story and helping to normalize this within the general public. Coleman frequents Instagram, sharing his experiences with physical and social transition, healthy relationships, parenting, pregnancy, self-care, and advocacy (among other topics). 

One of his most famous social media series is #TRANSgendaTime, a series where he covers Trans 101 topics to help correct misinformation, harmful stereotypes, and assumptions about and within our Transgender community. If you’re looking to learn more about Transgender terms and experiences, you can find Coleman’s Instagram at: Coleman also provides consultations for DEI trainings, general questions, and provides some paid opportunities for those interested which you can find at:


Mailing Address

23332 Farmington Rd #84
Farmington, MI 48336