Black History Month: KB Brookins

History Makers in the Making 2023

KB — a Black person with brown skin — has a green background. They are wearing a flower crown, with pink and purple flowers, along with green leaves. Their hair is braided and blond. Their hand is slightly covering their mouth, and both their arms and hands have band-aids on them. KB is wearing a pink shirt with black and blue images of cactus plants on them. The elbow of one arm rests on their other arm. They are looking directly at the camera.KB Brookins (they/them), an individual of many talents, is a black, queer, and trans poet, essayist, and cultural worker from Fort Worth, Texas. KB is known for their works, How To Identify Yourself with a Wound, Freedom House, and their award-winning poem “Good Grief”. Currently, KB is a 2023 National Endowment of the Arts fellow. They are currently working on their memoir, “Pretty”, which is set to release sometime next year. 

KB has expertise and interest in many areas. 

In regard to art services, they can be booked for:

  • Poetry Performances
  • Arts Workshop
  • Workshop – Custom to request
  • Keynote/Lecture/Panel/Class Visit
  • Poem Commissions
  • Essay Commissions
  • Poem and CNF Solicitations
  • Event Hosting
  • Guest Editing & Judging
  • 1-Hour Arts Call

In regard to consult services, they can be booked for:

  • IDEA (inclusivity, diversity, equity, and access) Workshop
  • Workshop – Custom
  • IDEA audit
  • Moderating
  • Keynote/Lecture/Panel/Class Visit
  • 1-Hour Consulting Call
  • Long-term consulting


Here is where you can reach KB and their content!


Twitter, Instagram, TikTok handle: @earthtokb



Contact KB here

Stream KB’s spoken word “With A Wound”


Mailing Address

23332 Farmington Rd #84
Farmington, MI 48336