Developing measures to understand unique stressors that transgender people experience

My name is Kye and I am a research assistant at Michigan State University, on the research team, Trans-ilience (
This study is focused on developing measures to understand unique stressors that transgender people experience. The study entails completing an online survey that takes about 45 minutes to complete. In the survey, we ask questions about participants’ experiences related to discrimination, mental health, and other related experiences. Participants who are interested will first complete a screening questionnaire to express their interests and we will them reach out to participants who qualify for the study. To qualify, individuals must be age 18 or over and identify as transgender. There are no direct benefits to participants, although we hope that the information learned will help improve future research on the experiences of transgender individuals. There are minimal risks involved in the study, although participants might experience some discomfort answering questions about stressful experiences. Participants are paid $25 for participating via an online gift card.
Click here to learn more about a 45-minute survey for transgender adults:
Participants are paid $25 for participating and will be invited after they complete a short questionnaire to express their interest.
Questions can be directed to Jae Puckett at Michigan State University at
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