Ally Parents

Stand with Trans has an Ally Parents Network of over 200 + parents nationwide.

Who are Ally Parents?  What do we do?

We are a group of parents who have come together because we have a transgender child. We live all across the United States. Our children are at different ages and at different stages along their journeys. Some are just beginning to transition, some are living authentically as adults already. We come from different backgrounds and most of us have actually not met (yet). What we have in common is an unconditional LOVE for our children. We are allies to the transgender community.

Ally Parents are here to help any trans/non-binary person. We are also available to chat with parents who need some support.

Access the comprehensive list of Ally Parents by clicking here.

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We are:
  • available via text
  • available via phone/talk
  • limited availability to emailing
  • parents of trans individuals
  • affirming, supportive and safe
  • available from 9am-11pm EST most days
  • love at the other end of the phone
  • trained and vetted via a thorough background check
We are not:
  • crisis counselors
  • therapists, social workers or licensed counselors
  • available in the middle of the night yet

Interested in becoming an Ally Parent?

Interested in being loving support for a trans youth
and/or a resource for a
fellow parent?

Contact Judie at
for information on how to apply.

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