Banned Books Club

Banned Books Club

Our Stand with Trans Banned Books Club, funded by a grant from the Flagstar Foundation, is an exciting, informative, educational and FREE way to stay connected with the LGBTQ+ community and create friendships along the way.

The books we’ve chosen were taken from outside banned books lists and most were written by queer and trans authors. We’ve included a collection of children’s books, books geared towards tweens and teens and of course young adult/18+ books as well. We hope to enlighten our readers with various stories through our quarterly themes of BIPOC queer and trans folx, intersectionality, relationships and trans voices. Each quarter will encompass an innovative and exciting art project that touches on spoken word, drawing, music, and more!

Meets every 4th Friday of the month.


Below, you’ll find our list of books for the next several months out, so you can get a head start on reading if you like!

February: Stamped for Kids as well as Stamped: Anti Racism and You by Jason Reynlods and Ibram X Kendi, When Aiden Became A Brother by Kyle Lukoff and Something Happened in Our Town by Marianne Celano

March: Cemetery boys by Aiden Thomas

April: Love and Other Disasters by Anita Kelly

May: Hurricane Child by Kacen Callender

June: One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

FYI: If you are unable to purchase a book due to financial difficulties, we are happy to assist by ordering said book and having it sent directly to you. Please email us at for assistance or if you have any questions about the book club.

Please make sure to check your local libraries and local indie bookstores for copies, as well.



Aaron Lytle (they/them)
I’m non-binary trans man (labels are tricky) who fell in love with books as a young child thanks to my mother, who teaches HS English. My experience in DEI work includes both corporate and non-profit settings, including redesigning GM’s LGBTQ+ training and running an intersectionality book club.
In my spare time I enjoy rock climbing, yoga, and nature when the weather is good. I am a huge baker who constantly has to give away baked goods (this might be why I have a D&D group). And my favorite cozy activity is…Reading.
Books can be an escape to other worlds, a way to explore our own identities, and to learn about others. I’m excited to read and discuss some fabulous books with the community!
Kelly Darke (she/her)

Kelly Darke is a board-certified art therapist, published author, certified K-12 art teacher, professional artist, and speaker. Darke has extensive experience working with groups and individuals of all ages with various developmental and emotional needs for over a decade.

She has presented at the Expressive Therapies Summit national conference on the topic Using Digital Tablets & Tools in Creative Therapy, and has a chapter published in the book, Digital Art Therapy: Material, Methods, and Applications, all based on the case study she developed from her experience providing art therapy services to adults with traumatic brain injuries. Darke has presented at local and national conferences, both in person and virtual, on the use of art therapy with transgender youth, and the neuroscience of art in art therapy for self-care. She co-authored the book, Art Therapy with Transgender and Gender-Expansive Children and Teenagers, which was published in 2020.

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