Upcoming Events


Ferndale Pride in
Downtown Ferndale

Date June 4, 2022
Time 12:30 pm
Organizer Ferndale Pride
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Motor City Pride 2022

Date June 11, 2022
Time: Sat, Jun 11, 10 am
to Sun, Jun 12, 11 pm

Organizer: Motor City Pride
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Stand with Trans Annual Picnic

Date August 14, 2022
Time TBA
Venue Memorial Park Royal Oak
Organizer Stand With Trans

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From SwT Youth…

“Thank you to the end of the world. I came out to my parents today as transgender and you helped me do it. They told me they would always love me.”

“I am a 16-year-old trans guy and I don’t come from a safe or accepting home. I want you to know that I really appreciate what you are doing. Thank you for letting LGBTQ+ youth contact you. Ally Parents are the best.”

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