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Stand with Trans!

If you’d like to help support our mission, here are ideas on how to get involved:

Idea #1: Start a Facebook Fundraiser to Benefit Stand with Trans!

Help us run a Facebook fundraiser!

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Instructions for fundraising:

Visit the fundraisers tab on our Facebook page and click on the link that says “Raise Money” (in blue, on the right hand side).

1. Set a goal
2. Set your end date 2-3 weeks out so you have time to fundraise.
3. Invite Every Facebook Friend – You will be tempted to skip this step because it’s time consuming or because you don’t want to bother certain people…but please don’t. This step is vital to everything that follows, and the reason is based on data!
4. Post daily about your fundraiser (inside your fundraiser page, not your wall) asking for money toward your goal. Share stories about why fundraising for Stand with Trans is important to you. Feel free to share posts that we have shared or link to news stories about trans advocacy!
5. When you meet your goal, increase it (raised $200, up it to $300).
6. Be sure to thank every donor for their generosity, no matter how big or small or a donation. They will get a tax receipt from Facebook.

Thank you for helping us!

Idea #2: Become a Stand with Trans Volunteer!

We are looking for passionate individuals and families who care about trans youth and want to make a positive impact in their lives! Volunteer opportunities can be as low-key as being a social media champion who purposely re-shares and “likes” what we post to being involved in event planning, staffing the Stand with Trans table during Pride Month, or facilitating a support group for trans youth or their parents!

Here are some specific roles we are seeking volunteers to help with:

  • Banned Book Club Facilitators
  • Safety planning specialists
  • Youth Board members
  • Trans Empowerment Month committee members
  • Discord developers & youth moderators
  • Event planners (virtual and in-person events)
  • Youth ambassadors – youth in various schools and orgs or young adults that can help spread info about our resources to their respective communities.

Submit your application to become a Stand with Trans volunteer.

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