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Below are some tools and resources that can help you in the college decision-making process. Additionally, some good things to investigate before committing to a school are answers to questions like:

Will I be close enough to my current gender affirming care provider, or is there one within a travelable distance from campus (remember–some schools don’t allow first-year students to have cars on campus)?

What’s going on in the state that the university is located in–are there bills that might pass that may make living in that state dangerous or unbearable?

Does my insurance plan cover healthcare in the area that I plan on attending school, or will I need to supplement my coverage with student insurance? Does that supplemental insurance cover transgender healthcare?

What is the community around the school like? Is there a trans or queer community in the area that I can join? Will I be relatively safe as a trans person in the area–have there been hate crimes in the vicinity of where I’ll be?

Do I plan on being out or transitioning after I start school, and if so, could that impact my family’s support (financial or otherwise)? Do I plan on going stealth? How can I honor my identity as I begin the next stage of my education?

Visit Lambda Legal’s Know Your Rights–FAQ About Transgender Students at Colleges and Universities to better understand your rights as you embark on this journey.

It’s worth knowing that many women’s-only colleges and universities have opened admissions to transgender women and nonbinary individuals in recent years.

The Campus Pride Index is a national benchmarking tool that ranks colleges and universities based on their policies surrounding LGBTQ housing options, LGBTQ policy inclusion, campus safety, and more!

Stand With Trans’ College Quick Reference Sheet is an alphabetized spreadsheet that lists a variety of schools in Michigan and across the country, as well as their resources for trans students.

Purdue–44 Resources For LGBTQ+ Students

US News–How To Find an LGBT-Friendly College

College Consensus–Ultimate Campus Guide for LGBTQ Students–College Guide for Transgender and Nonbinary Students

College Confidential–Tips for Applying to College as a Trans Student

Oakland University–Financial Aid Information Webinars


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