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Mental Health Crisis Resources


(%) 988 or 1-800-273-8255
988 Lifeline Chat

988 is the new emergency number for the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. They also offer an online chat line for people who may not be safe or comfortable talking on the phone, in English and Spanish. This service matches you with a local crisis helpline, which may or may not have a no active rescue policy, depending on where you’re connected.

(+) 877-565-8860
Trans Lifeline

The Trans Lifeline is a pillar of our community, and they do a lot of great work in addition to running a crisis hotline. They are able to match you to someone in both English and Spanish. They have a policy of no non-consensual intervention, unless you ask for or consent to a call for a wellness check. 

(%) Text HOME to 741-741, or AYUDA to 741-741 to connect in Spanish
Crisis Text Line

If you’re more comfortable or safe using text messaging or whatsapp instead of a phone call, the Crisis Text Line can help. They will match you with a supervised, volunteer crisis counselor. If someone is in imminent danger, their policy is to first try a safety plan with the caller, then they dispatch police for a wellness check if you’re not able to commit to the safety plan.

(%) 1-866-488-7386
Text START to 678-678
Trevor Project Chat

The Trevor Project offers a text chat line, a phone hotline, and an online chat hotline. With all three services covered, you can ask for help in a way that feels best for you. It’s important to note that they may, however, use active rescue if they feel that you or someone around you is at risk of harm. 

(*) 888-843-4564/National LGBT Hotline

800-246-7743/LGBT Youth Talkline

888-234-7243/LGBT Senior Hotline
Email for after-hours help/help during peak hours

All three of these services are connected to the National LGBT Hotline–they offer special lines for youth and seniors, who may face different challenges or want to speak to someone more understanding about their lived experiences. This is not a 24/7 resource, but you are able to reach out via email after-hours. Their policy is no non-consensual intervention unless a minor or 3rd party is in danger.


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