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Gendercat was founded by a trans man who makes prosthetic packers, nipples, and breast forms out of medical-grade silicone and with optional medical-grade adhesive. They can color match to hundreds of skin tones, and they help you come up with a color palette that will match your skin tone and allow for realism for different parts of the prosthetic. They’re also the only place that allows you to choose your own payment plan pace, at whatever price you can afford after you pay the first 25% up front. They will make and ship your prosthetic while you’re still making payments, so you can have it as quickly as possible. The products feel realistic, and the level of customization is truly amazing.

GC2B Binders are the gold-standard when it comes to safe binding. They offer a variety of neutral colors, patterns, and diverse skin tones. Their sizing chart is important, and it’s recommended to measure properly before ordering, although they do allow some exchanges. 

Rodeoh has a great line of packing/harness underwear for transmasc individuals, as well as selling transtape, Mr. Limpy packers, and some other 18+ items. Their packing underwear is highly favored and recommended.

Shaping swimwear and undergarments for trans girls.

TomboyX offers period underwear in some different styles in order to help menstruating folks feel more comfortable. They also offer packing underwear, tucking underwear, bralettes, and compression tops, as well as unisex swimwear and loungewear. They seem to have a good vision as far as creating comfortable, unisex, gender-euphoric undergarments that meet various needs in our community. 

Gaff and go specializes in gaffs, and they also offer bras, bralettes, corsets, and lingerie geared towards trans women.

Leo Lines is a popular Etsy shop for folks looking for undergarments, gaffs, bras, and swimwear that’s designed for trans feminine individuals.

Awarewolf Apparel is made by and for the trans community.

Transfigure Print Co. is a Michigan-based screen printing business that creates designs to help fundraise for LGBTQ+ non-profits.

Both& Apparel focuses on styles that fit AFAB people ages 14+.

This link has a list of multiple gender-affirming product shops, some of which are trans-owned/operated. 

Teen Vogue’s round up of four brands that are making and selling great, affirming pieces.

Buzzfeed’s round up of trans and NB fashion brands.

The Good Trade’s round up of unisex clothing brands.


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