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Gender Affirming Shopping

General Shopping Tips

Gender Affirming Shopping

General Shopping Tips


Size Conversion/Measuring Tips


Look at a brand’s sizing charts online before you shop, especially if you’re uncomfortable using dressing rooms. This enables you to more accurately and efficiently grab what you’re looking for.

Many folks prefer to shop for clothes online so that they can try things on and peruse their options in a more comfortable environment. Just remember to check the sizing charts and the store’s return policy before you order. Many stores with physical locations allow you to return online items in person if needed.

If you’re unfamiliar with measuring yourself for clothes, Outdoor Equipped has some inclusive guides that teach you how to to get everything from a bust measurement to an inseam length from both AFAB and AMAB bodies:

Outdoor Equipped–Measuring for Women’s Clothing Sizes

Outdoor Equipped–Measuring for Men’s Clothing Sizes

To take your measurements from home, you can use anything from a cheap sewing tape measure from a craft/dollar store, to a piece of string and a ruler, to a phone charging cable and something you can look up the size of (like a dollar bill).

Men’s shirts are labeled a size smaller than an identical women’s shirt, and vice versa– for example, if you’re switching from wearing an L in women’s, you’ll likely be an M in men’s.

Women’s shoes are labeled about 1.5-2 sizes larger than an identical men’s shoe, and vice versa. If you’re switching from a size 11 in men’s, you’ll likely be a size 12-12.5 in women’s.

For smaller-footed people who switch to men’s shoes, you may need to look in the boy’s department for smaller sizes.

If you’re looking for a larger or smaller shoe size than the store typically carries, you can often find extended sizes online, at outlet stores, and in stores like TJ Maxx and Ross.

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