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Gender Affirming Shopping

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Vanity Sizing


Women’s clothes manufacturers have a larger variation in how they label their sizes. This practice is called vanity sizing, and is designed to either make you feel better or worse when shopping, depending on the brand’s values and image.

Don’t get too frustrated if you have to grab a couple different sizes of the exact same thing when you try clothes on in the store. Cis women run into the same problem all the time, especially when it comes to pants, skirts, and dresses.

It’s possible to be a size 5 in one store, a 7 in another, and a 9 somewhere else, all on the same day, in the same mall, in nearly identical dresses/pants. As long as you’re comfortable and happy with the fit and quality of your clothes, it doesn’t matter what the size on the tag says.

There is no one size that’s better than another size, so don’t torture yourself for the sake of a number on a tag that no one will even see anyway. 


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