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HRT/Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy 

 Puberty Blockers


Puberty blockers are a reversible option to pause the effects of estrogen or testosterone, and are only administered under the supervision of a trained physician, after getting parental support.

Typically, these won’t be started until a child has already started puberty and is experiencing gender dysphoria as a result of their body developing in a way that does not feel desirable to them. Blockers are not used for children who are not showing signs of puberty yet, or children who have already finished puberty.

Bone density tests are important while taking blockers, because puberty has a strong influence on bone strength. It’s important to make sure that a child on blockers is getting enough calcium and vitamin D to prevent future bone issues.

For kids assigned male at birth, blockers can prevent a deepening of the voice, growth of the penis and testicles, and body/facial hair development. This can alleviate future vocal dysphoria, as well as the need for expensive hair removal procedures.

For kids assigned female at birth, blockers can limit breast development and menstruation, alleviating dysphoria around periods, as well as the need for expensive chest masculinization surgery later.

Suppressing puberty for kids who experience gender dysphoria can be life-saving–kids who are able to access blockers typically report better mental health and better transition-related outcomes. Not having to go through a version of puberty that makes you feel like your body is betraying your identity can greatly improve a trans kid’s quality of life. If a child on puberty blockers decides not to transition for any reason, puberty blockers can be discontinued and the body’s natural puberty will restart.



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Cleveland Clinic–What Are Puberty Blockers?

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