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Safer Sex, Testing


Safer Sex, Testing

STI/HIV Testing – Article


Scheduling your testing or exam with a trans-competent provider like the ones available at most Planned Parenthood locations may make the experience more comfortable for you. Some providers who have not worked with many trans folks may not know about some of the special considerations that come with trans healthcare. If you do need to use a provider that may not be as informed, directing them towards Fenway Health and UCSF resources can make the difference for you and their other trans patients.

Communicate with your doctor! Preventative care is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean that you have no agency in the exam room. Ask if it’s possible for you to collect your own swabs under the doctor’s supervision, if that is something that would make the procedure easier or more comfortable for you. Don’t be afraid to speak up about the tests you want or need, and don’t be afraid to tell your doctor if something is uncomfortable or causing dysphoria–you are allowed to ask for a smaller speculum, more lubricant, for the doctor to explain what they’re doing before each step, for the doctor to get through the exam/test as quickly as possible without explaining each step, or anything else that can make the experience feel safer and more affirming to you.

If you are looking for STD testing and aren’t sure where to go, contact your county’s health department, your closest planned parenthood, your primary care provider, or your local LGBTQ center.



UCSF–Transgender Patients and the Physical Examination–Look up local testing centers, order at-home tests

CDC–Get Tested

Planned Parenthood–Get Tested


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