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Helping Your Child Transition


Medical Transition


Medical transition is the physical transition process that most people think of when it comes to trans folks. This often includes things like puberty blockers, gender-affirming hormone therapy, and surgical interventions. It may also include fertility preservation/banking, speech therapy, and hair removal. Some people may choose to pursue every medical option available to them, some folks only want some of the options, and some folks may choose not to medically transition for a variety of reasons.

Medical transition for minors is subject to the guidelines set forth by WPATH, an organization that has sought to standardize the healthcare offered to trans folks since 1979 (known pre-2007 as HBIGDA).

Information specific to seeking healthcare as the parent of a trans child is found below–more general information on HRT, surgeries, and other healthcare can be found in their own guides.


WPATH–Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People: 8th Edition (PDF)

WPATH–Provider Search

Stand With Trans–Talking to your Pediatrician or Family Doctor (PDF)

HRC–Navigating Transition-Related Care: A Guide for Parents and Guardians of Gender-Expansive Children and Teens (PDF)

Hormone Health Network–Medical Tools for Your Gender Journey (PDF)

Mary Bridge Children’s Multicare–A Guide to Puberty Blockers

Mayo Clinic–Pubertal Blockers for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youth

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