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Showing Acceptance, Validation

For Parents of Trans Youth

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Showing Acceptance, Validation


Studies have repeatedly shown that trans kids who receive support at home are less likely to experience depression, anxiety, or suicidality–being trans doesn’t cause mental illness, but being abandoned or rejected by your family and community does.

Support looks like taking intentional steps to use a person’s correct identifiers, helping to advocate in school and medicine, and offering kindness, celebration, and support through good days, bad days, and milestone moments. Parenting your trans child will still look very similar to parenting your cis child.

Especially if your child is older, helping to give them the “coming of age” experiences that are typically associated with other kids their age/gender can be a huge way of showing acceptance and normalizing their experience. This could mean planning a more gender-neutral b’nei mitzvah instead of a bar/bat mitzvah, taking your trans daughter to buy their first dress for a school dance, or teaching your trans son how to shave.


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