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Self Discovery and Self Affirmation

Self-Affirmations, Positivity

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Self Discovery and Self Affirmation


Self-Affirmations, Positivity


Practicing confidence-building affirmations can help you to feel more sturdy when you’re being mistreated, dysphoria is kicking in, or the transition process feels like it’s taking too long. One of the trans community’s greatest strengths is our ability to love ourselves into the people we want to be.

Affirmations may feel cheesy or uncomfortable to practice at first, but intentional practice goes a long way towards countering all the negative things you may unintentionally take on or say to yourself throughout the day.


GLSEN–8 Affirmations from Trans Folks for Students Struggling with Pronouns

GLSEN–Dear Trans Students, from a Trans Educator

Mayo Clinic–Resilience: Build Skills to Endure Hardship


KidsHealth–3 Ways to Increase Positive Emotions

CDC–Coping With Stress

CDC–How Right Now, Finding What Helps

Rena Yehuda Newman–Gender Euphoria Zine

Snoop Dogg/Doggyland–The Affirmations Song

Love What Matters–6 Positive Affirmations for Every Trans/GNC Individual

Point of Pride–30 Days of Trans Affirmations

Everyday Feminism–6 Affirmations for Trans Folks Who Don’t Feel “Trans Enough”

Our Trans Truth–Trans Wellness Zine

Our Trans Truth–Trans Youth Joy, Spring 2023


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