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Trans Youth

Resources created for trans youth who are exploring their gender identity and looking for help with the coming out process.

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Trans Youth

Self Discovery and Self Affirmation


I Think I Might Be Trans

When you’re first beginning to question if you might be trans, it’s okay to feel a wide range of feelings–some positive, some negative, and some that you might not be sure how to identify.

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Self Affirmations

Practicing confidence-building affirmations can help you to feel more sturdy when you’re being mistreated, dysphoria is kicking in, or the transition process feels like it’s taking too long.

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Nonbinary and Trans Enough

If you identify as anything other than your assigned gender at birth, you are trans enough! You have a place in the trans community–you don’t have to have a binary identity or jump through hoops to prove you belong in order to claim your community.

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HRC–LGBTQ Guidebook for Action

More than 525 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced in 41 states in 2023 alone, with 220+ specifically targeting transgender youth. 22 states have passed laws restricting how transgender children can participate in sports. 19 states have some kind of ban on gender-affirming healthcare for transgender and non-binary minors this year, with…

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The Coming Out Process


Safety Concerns

When you’re beginning to think about coming out, it’s often necessary to first think about how other people’s reactions may affect your safety and stability, and what you can do to prepare for those risks.

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Coming out to Friends

When you’re coming out to friends, there can be a lot of fear around “what if they don’t like me anymore” or “what if they tell everyone”–the odds are likely that if the other person was a good friend before you told them, they will probably still be a good friend afterwards.

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Coming out to Family

Coming out to your family can be a difficult part of the coming out process, because there may be a lot of fear and uncertainty about how they may treat you afterwards, or you may still be in a situation that requires you to depend on your family of origin for your basic needs.

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What If I Can’t Come Out?

If you don’t feel safe coming out, you can still access affirming support. Stand With Trans’ Ally Parent program is a great option if you’d like to talk to a parent of another trans youth about what you’re going through. We also have support groups, both online and in person, that may help you feel less isolated if you have access to transportation or safe technology.

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The Social Transition


What is Social Transition?

Social transition is not defined by a one-size-fits-all approach. Some folks may (or may not) choose to do any/all of the following: using a new name, using new pronouns…

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Names, Pronouns and Neopronouns

Many times, the names we are both with conform with the gender binary and may not fit with your gender journey. It’s a personal choice when deciding on your chosen name and it may take time to settle on who you see in the mirror and what you want to be called.

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Gender Affirming Accessories

Please see our other guides on shopping for gender-affirming clothing and selecting/using gender-affirming items.

Visiting the gender-affirming shopping guide

Navigating Restrooms

At the of the day, trans folx just need to use the bathroom and deserve the dignity and respect to do their business in privacy.

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Your Rights


In School/Athletics

You have a right to receive an equal educational opportunity without discrimination based on your gender identity or sexual orientation. Federally, you are protected under Title IX.

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GLSEN–LGBTQ+ Student Rights

No matter what you may have heard in the past, harassment and discrimination against LGBTQ+ students are against the law.
If you go to a public school, they’re also against the Constitution. Unfortunately, many…

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In General

While trans rights are under attack across the country, you do currently have some protections that are worth knowing about!

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Self Advocacy

Tips and resources on being your own best advocate as a trans/non-binary person.

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Fullpower adult safety)

is the global nonprofit leader in personal safety education for all ages, teaching skills for strong relationships and the prevention of harm. Areas of expertise include bullying, assault, and abuse prevention as well as strategies to protect safety in the face of prejudice-based harm…

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is a free, self-paced online course made by and for people who face greater risk of discrimination because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. A free community resource created by Kidpower International, Pridepower shows skills and strategies for taking charge of
physical and emotional safety.

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Legal/Medical Transition


Legal Transition

Please see our guides specifically on legal transition and medical transition.

Other Resources


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration–Creating A Healthier Life

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA)
Wellness Initiative envisions a future in which…

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Coming Soon

Additional content and resources will be added soon!

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