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Names, Pronouns, and Neopronouns

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The Social Transition


Names, Pronouns, and Neopronouns

Many times, the birth names we’re given conform with an AGAB (assigned gender at birth) and may not reflect our true identities. Choosing a new name and finding out what identifier make you feel most at home with yourself is an incredibly personal journey. It’s more than okay to try out some different name and pronoun options over time if you find something that works better for you.

You may choose to switch pronouns as a part of your transition, and it’s valid if those also change over time. For example, someone AFAB may choose to use he/him pronouns as a binary transmasculine person, and they may also choose to use he/they pronouns if they begin to identify as more non-binary. Your personal pronouns are just that–personal, so feel free to choose the ones that suit you best. You may also find that traditional pronouns aren’t doing it for you, and in that case, you may want to check out some neopronouns, like ze/zim/zir, xe/hir/hirs, or any other combination. Some folks may even choose to use any or no pronouns at all!


GLSEN–Pronoun Guide

HRC–Understanding Neopronouns


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