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The Social Transition


What is Social Transition?

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The Social Transition


What is Social Transition?

Social transition is not defined by a one-size-fits-all approach. Some folks may (or may not) choose to do any/all of the following: using a new name, using new pronouns, dressing/presenting in a gender-affirming way, coming out to people, using non-medical devices like packers/binders/gaffs, and generally interacting with the world as the gender you identify as.

It’s okay to socially transition at whatever pace feels right for you–some folks choose to socially transition in one big jump, and others prefer to ease into it. You’re the authority on how fast or how slow feels right for you–it’s not a race or a competition.

It’s okay if you only want to socially transition! Not everyone wants or has access to medical or legal transition, and that’s still valid.


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