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Your Rights


Your Rights, Public/Tax-Funded Schools and Athletics

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Your Rights


Your Rights, Public/Tax-Funded Schools and Athletics


You have a right to receive an equal educational opportunity without discrimination based on your gender identity or sexual orientation. Federally, you are protected under Title IX. In Michigan, the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act protects you.

You have a right to wear the clothes that you feel comfortable in–your school cannot force you to comply with a discriminatory gendered dress code. For example, if skirts of a certain length are permitted for female students, they must also be permitted for trans girls, male-identified folks, and non-binary folks.


National Center for Transgender Equality–Know Your Rights: Schools

PFLAG–Claim Your Rights

Gender Spectrum–The Right To Wear Clothes (Dress Codes)

Southern Poverty Law Center–Know Your Rights: Students & LGBTQ Rights at School


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